Women You Should Know: Lisa Robertson.

QVC Queen Lisa Robertson
QVC Queen Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson, former Miss Tennessee, recently retired from her 20-year run on QVC — a channel I’ve come to love over the years.

Lisa is one of the reasons I’ve loved QVC so much; she’s got a clear style and hosted many of her own segments on QVC to share/sell products that reflected her interests. She genuinely knows a lot about jewelry, clothing fit, hair care, and skincare products; which explains why so many (20 million) viewers trusted her advice.

What I love most about Lisa is how much she encompassed her job. She became more than just a QVC hostess, she became a TV personality, and even used her personal style to promote brands and designers she loves. She even took to her Facebook page to share holiday decorating tips and workout routines.

She felt like a friend, and because of that, her career was decades long and well-respected.

She has a NEW fan page on Facebook, and even admitted to “oversleeping” on her first day as a retiree. I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for her, and above all, what she’ll wear during the process!

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