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It's my Flat Tummy Tea!
It’s my Flat Tummy Tea!

Today marks the start of my fifth consecutive week on the Tone It Up Plan, and I’m proud to report that I’ve lost a little more than five pounds since I started! Sticking to a diet and a workout regimen (which involves at least six workouts a week), isn’t easy. But little by little, my lifestyle change is working.

Last week, I incorporated a new part to my diet: Flat Tummy Tea.

My friend sent me the website on it, and with my beach vacation just nine days away, it took very little convincing before I ordered a two-week supply. So, this week is the second week of my Flat Tummy Tea cleanse.

So, what’s FTT? There are two teas, one for morning and one for night, that work together in order to suppress the appetite, boost energy, and provide the body with antioxidants. The tea also helps to lower bloat and water retention, keeping you slim and trim!

I’m a coffee drinker, so starting my morning with a mug of tea was a switch. But, after my tea I still enjoy a few cups of java, don’t worry. Both of the teas taste similar to black tea, so no need to worry about a weird or gross flavor that you’ve got to suck down for two weeks.

After about one week on the teas, I can already see a small difference in my stomach. At this point, every little bit helps!

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