Things Justin Bieber taught me.

In honor of Justin Bieber’s new album, “Believe” release today, I found it only necessary to share with you things The Biebs has taught me, in love and in life —of course.

  • Good hair matters.
It’s no surprise that The Biebs’ locks have been their own form of celebrity. Next time you’re skipping out on fixing your fro, think of The Biebs.
  • White boys can rock a pair of Nike high tops.
Who knew anyone other than Lil Wayne could look awesome in a pair of high tops? Hell, The Biebs looks so cool in them, he makes me want a pair.
  • The piano is sexy at any age.
The piano is one of the sexiest instruments, of all time. I’ve seen older men play it, and I just melt. But Biebs has proven that it doesn’t matter how young you are; tickling the ivories is hot, hot, hot.
  • Commitment is the best gift.
Sure, I’d love to get flowers or dinner cooked for me (the way to my heart), but the best gift a man can ever offer is his commitment. Whether or not Bieber and Selena last, it’s sweet to see them still together.
  • Pop music still has its place.
Different music trends always come and go, but it’s refreshing to know that pop music still has its place on the radio, tickets to pop concerts still sellout fast, and pop stars still try to make it last.
  • Boyfriends are hot.
Justin’s latest hit, “Boyfriend” gets me dancin’ every. Single. Time. Good beat? Yeah. Good lyrics? Meh. But hey, doesn’t matter!
  • Musicians always win.
Ok, so I said commitment was the best gift, but a serenade comes in at second place. Every girl loves that!
  • A gorgeous smile is completely necessary.
I’m pretty sure The Biebs could rob a bank, then flash a smile and walk a free man. Just sayin’.
  • One person does make a difference.
Sounds cheesy, but seeing all the stir The Biebs creates reminds me that it only takes one person…
  • YouTube can start your career.

Hey, if The Biebs can do it, so can I.

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