Drive down memory lane.

Before I left work yesterday, I was rummaging around in my desk and came across an old stack of CDs. Near the top was one very dear to my heart: The Spirit Room by Michelle Branch.

This album came out in 2001, when I was a junior in high school.

This was the same year my parents divorced, the same year I had my first kiss, the same year I got my license.

So, I took the CD with my when I got in my car last night. I was shocked at how fast I was brought back, 11 years ago. I felt the same sense of freedom, and could almost feel the wind against my face (I used to drive with my windows down, one arm out the window).

I distinctly recall driving down the long, winding roads of Indiana, perhaps on my way home, or just driving for the sake of it, and listening to this album as loud as I could.

So many of the songs spoke to me regarding my parents, or even my first boyfriend, and Branch herself was just 18.

I loved songs such as, “You Get Me,” about being an outsider, and “All You Wanted,” about helping a friend. The ballads on the album are equally as moving, from the popular “Goodbye to You,” to “Drop in the Ocean.”

I must have listened to the CD hundreds of times, because even years later, I could still sing nearly all of the songs.

What music brings you back?


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