Folding Shirts.

I didn’t see or speak to Eddie in months. In January, when I returned back to Baton Rouge after winter break, Kirk and Nicole and I went shopping in the mall. Kirk walked by American Eagle and saw Eddie inside. We went in as a group and messed up a few shirts, acting like we were looking around.

Eddie walked over to us.

“Can I help you guys find something?” he asked.

“Nope,” I said.

And with that, he turned around, without acknowledging that we knew each other.

Relationships with Holly A. Phillips {published on Wednesday, January 24, 2007}:

I got stuck between two idiots.

My last boyfriend, Eddie, recently got back together with his ex-girlfriend, Paige.

Before I met Eddie, they dated for almost two years. A month after we met, Eddie and Paige broke up. For awhile, there was tension between the three os us. I was trying to get closer to him, while she was making efforts to pull their relationship back together. Her things were still in his bathroom, her pictures were still in his room and she still had his house key.

During a trip to meet my family, she was sending him text messages. But I wasn’t worried.

Aside from being my amazing self, Eddie assured me that a failure with Paige was impossible.

“We were in a bad relationship for a long time,” he said. “Girls are crazy.”

He told me why things didn’t work out. She was catty, high-maintenance and full of gossip.

Now they’re back together—inevitably. Their situation is typical. Boy treats girl like crap, girl crawls back to him in tears. Boy gets huge ego.

For the record, I have never gone back with an ex. This is mainly because I see it as a complete waste of time. My attitude toward an ex is simply, “been there, done that.” There is no point to going back to something I know doesn’t work.

I firmly believe people don’t change. I do understand a relationship is an investment. It’s easy to go back with an ex because it’s comfortable. It’s easy to forget why things ended because our mind wants to remember the person in a positive light.

Fortunately, I don’t have that problem. I despise my ex-boyfriends because they are all just like Eddie—good at lying and putting on a sweet facade. During a breakup, my advice is to end a relationship for good or simply stay together. If both people continue back and forth, it’s going to be a never-ending battle.

Just remember: it’s over for a reason.

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