Make Me Invisible.

In August, A&F was cutting my hours, so I looked elsewhere for work. Naturally, I decided to go to the dark side and put in an application at American Eagle. When I went to drop off my completed application, there was a hot guy working the counter.

His name was Eddie.

I dropped off my stuff and went back to A&F. A few days later, I got a call about a group interview. So, during a break at A&F, I went on the interview. Eddie was conducting it and he asked us a bunch of stupid questions.

I got the job and had to attend a few team building sessions, where we stood in a circle and tossed around a loofah. Eddie was there, too, and I still thought he was so cute.

After the team building session, Eddie told me I was assigned to work with him at the new store that was opening across town. Within the next week, I started working at the new store. It wasn’t open for business yet, but we put up displays and unpacked boxes of clothes.

One evening, they assigned me to work on a jean wall, where Eddie was, along with another manager. When I approached them, they were talking about a recent camping trip Eddie went on.

“She didn’t want to go with you?” the manager asked him.

“Nah, she’s not really into that kind of stuff,” he said.

I really didn’t know who, or what, they were talking about, but I sat down and started folding.

Over the next week or so, I’d heard enough bits and pieces to figure out that Eddie had a girlfriend. I was crushed.

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