All Mixed Up.

Austin and I didn’t go on many dates before we decided to be exclusive. Our first two dates went very well, and I remember wondering if things were moving too fast. I didn’t know if I was really ready for another relationship—I was still feeling the baggage from Adam.

But I felt like Austin and I had something good.

A few dates in, Austin took me to a nice sushi restaurant downtown Baton Rouge, overlooking the Mississippi River. He didn’t like sushi, but I appreciated him bringing me, as I loved it. I always felt special with Austin—he complimented me, took me to nice places, and let me order cocktails even though I still wasn’t 21.

It felt like a grown up relationship. After dinner, we went for a walk. I wanted Austin to be my date for my sorority formal, but he was going out-of-town for a landscape architecture trip. He said it would be okay if I asked someone else.

I did ask someone else, but got rejected. I didn’t go to the formal.

While Austin was on his trip out west, he sent me a series of postcards.

Tonto, National Monument {Arizona}:

Hey girl,

Greetings from Sedona Valley in Northern Arizona. The landscape out here is spectacular. I’ve never seen so much orange in my life! Well I miss you very much and I will see you soon.



Grand Canyon National Park:

Hey you,

Greetings from the Grand Canyon! What else can I say about this place besides unbelievable! You have to be here to really appreciate the scale! I think I’m ready to go home! I’m especially ready to see you! Talk to you soon!



Zabriski Point, Death Valley:

Hey Babe,

Just dropping another hello from the desert of Death Valley California. It is the longest point in the U.S. It is truly breathtaking out here. Everywhere I go on the trip. I wish you could be there to share the experience with me. See you soon!



Stanford University {California}:


Hope everything is going ok. I miss you soo much. Today we visited the beautiful Stanford University. The property around the campus is ridiculous! 1 bedroom—$1,900/month! Well talk to you soon!



Golden Gate Bridge {San Francisco}:

Hey beautiful,

Just wanted to drop a hello. I am currently in San Francisco and loving it! This city is full of gay (happy) people. It’s beauty is truly breathtaking! I miss you more than you could imagine! Talk to you soon!



Mammoth Mountain:


Are you getting tired of postcards yet? I hope not! Anyway, I am here in Mammoth, Calif. freezing my ass off. The wind chill here is like 15 degrees. Although the scenery is breathtaking, these people can keep their snow and freezing ass temps! I miss you sooo much.



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