Where It All Began.

Looking back, it’s difficult for me to say exactly when my friendship with Adam melted into a relationship, with full-blown feelings. But since it’s my responsibility to figure it out, I would say it all started in Adam’s dorm room.

‘Twas the night before winter break at Indiana University. I drove into town, heading home for the month I had off from college. It was my sophomore year at LSU. Adam invited me to stay with him at IU for a night before we headed home. So I took his offer.

I made it to IU, we went to dinner with his friends, had a few drinks, the usual. I stayed in Adam’s dorm that night, in his bed. I remember it being a little awkward, because we’d never really put ourselves in any “couple” situation before. But it was fine…and nothing happened.

We both went back to school for the spring semester, and our friendship remained as solid as ever. But during that semester, we grew closer. We talked more often and about meaningful things. I confided in him about dating, school, and my family.

When I went home for the summer, I was starting to feel something more, but I wasn’t sure if it would work—with the distance. I also didn’t want to lose my best friend if it didn’t work out.

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