Bump in the Road.

When I started this blog a week ago, I was behind on my Lifelong Project schedule. However, since I have been writing more for the blog (which in turn means writing more for the memoir), I was actually ahead of schedule by a week.

But then something horrible happened.

My laptop fell off my bed, onto the floor, ruining the screen and display. My laptop is my only computer, aside from the desktop I have at work. So, I took the laptop into the Apple store, crossing my fingers that it wasn’t completely a lost cause. After a look, they said they could fix it for a mere $450. Christ Almighty. I had to weigh my options—$450 to fix my trusty baby vs. $1000-1200 for a new one.

With this economy, and the lack of stability in my day job, I had to go the cheaper route. So my laptop is getting fixed, but I’ll be without it for a week. It’s not the end of the world—I’ll have to do some writing by hand—but it is a setback.

In the Lifelong Project book, it discusses unforeseen setbacks. You merely have to plan around them, learn from your lesson, and do better next time. Not only is this a small setback in time, but also in finances. I definitely didn’t plan to fork over $450 dollars just to keep using my laptop for my project. But thankfully, I have the money to fix it, and get on with my project.

After I dropped off my computer, I went home to realize my annual fall illness has kicked in—complete with fever, sniffling, and coughing. Another setback. Luckily, this Lifelong Project doesn’t involve much physical activity. However, I do have lots of writing to do this week, so if it’s a little kooky, blame it on the cold medicine.

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