Introducing The Lifelong Project.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had trouble all year kicking off this project with the proper momentum. I blame that only on myself—my overall laziness, my lack of motivation, and the amazing ability I have to let everything else in my life get in the way. Mainly, that includes handfuls of other writing gigs I have going. I do write full-time. After work, I often work on freelance projects—2 magazines and other random assignments. I manage my other blog, Witty Writer, along with a casual anonymous blog. So, when all of that’s said and done, do I really want to sit at my computer for more hours and type away? Honestly, not really.

I get discouraged by other writers who tell me they just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to write. And I do, too! I don’t think it’s a lack of love, it’s just a problem of prioritizing. Obviously, I need to work and do freelance to make a living, so in order to spend more time writing for myself, I need to make better use of my time or cut out those things that aren’t pushing me toward my goal.

Enter: The Lifelong Project.

My uncle, Joseph Phillips, wrote a book called “The Lifelong Project” that takes project management tactics and shows you how to apply them to your life’s goals. As I read the book, I followed the instructions, created a binder, and made a strict plan for me to finish writing the memoir in a timely fashion.

This blog was a part of my plan.

So far, though, I have failed myself a little bit. Since there is no one around to punish me when I don’t finish my assignments on time, I haven’t been the first in line to finish them. As I said, I let other things get in the way. But, I also am just afraid. It sounds like a copout excuse, I know, but I am afraid of spending loads of time writing a book, only to have it rejected and never published.

But, as my dad always tells me, “The answer is always no until you try.”

I hope this blog {since I am paying for it} will keep me motivated—I have to write to keep it populated. I want to meet other writers facing my same struggles, and share my work to get some feedback as I write. So this week, I’m really making an effort to catch up on my assignments, and in all honesty, I’m not too far gone.

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