I’m just so tired…

If you’re a fan of “The Golden Girls”, you may recall a two-part episode where Dorothy is complaining of extreme fatigue. At the time, she is working as a substitute teacher, and she’s so tired, she can barely complete a day’s work. She goes to several doctors, and most of them tell her the same […]


Pic of the Week.

After attending a Melaleuca party a few weeks ago, I got my first order in! Melaleuca is a catalog and online retailer that’s been around for decades. From the website: It starts with improving your health with a full line of world-class wellness products, supplements, nutrients, functional foods, and breakthrough innovations that naturally and effectively […]


Own your bed head!

Recently, Casper, a mattress company that specializes in making outrageously comfortable latex memory foam mattresses, brought forth a good point to me — a good night’s sleep often results in a mess of hair come morning. But so what? Why are we constantly running from the bed head, instead of embracing it? So, Casper, challenge […]