New Orleans

BBC: ‘Ramona Blue’.

Happy Hump Day! We’re already halfway through the week, plus I’m so excited to share Blanche’s Book Club’s latest read – it’s a goodie! Today, we’re talking about “Ramona Blue” by Julie Murphy. Here is the description from Ramona was only five years old when Hurricane Katrina changed her life forever. Since then, it’s […]


Holiday weekend EATS.

You guys!! We are on the cusp of one of my favorite times of year – summer! In Texas, the later months of summer are waaaay too hot to enjoy much of anything, so this beginning part sure is something to celebrate. Before my Vegas vacation, I know I talked a lot about my efforts […]


Pic of the Week.

Saturday night, my friend Liz was celebrating 10 years living in Louisiana! She invited me to join in her celebration β€” and it felt special, because not only have I been in Louisiana for ten years, too, but I’ve known Liz for most of those years! I asked my friend and gym-influencer, Derek, to join […]