Dig Magazine

‘Dig’ gone glossy!

You may or may not know this, but usually my Wednesday blog posts are a replicate of the column that is published in a weekly magazine, “Dig”, which is distributed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’ve worked as a contributing writer for Dig since it was born, a little more than five years ago. The column, […]


Texting & dating: how much is ok?

I have always suffered with this texting thing — mainly when it comes to dating. I feel like we were forced to accept it, and it’s ruined basic communication skills. Texting has made it easier for folks to lie, cheat, and just be downright rude. To years ago, I wrote a column for Dig magazine […]


The drink: Pom-cosmo.

The classic Cosmopolitan — a tart elixir focusing on cranberry — will never go out of style. But leave it to Kona Grill to give this cocktail more than just a lime twist. Kona Grill offers the Cosmopolitan in watermelon, grape, and pomegranate flavors. I opted for the pomegranate (don’t worry, watermelon, I’ll be back) […]