The Latest in my Etsy shop!

I have still been working hard to stock my Etsy Shop with fun, festive, accessible digital products!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, my shop is all digital — meaning, you get everything delivered instantly to your email inbox. There’s no shipping charge or wait time, and once you buy the file, it’s yours to print or use digitally as many times as you want.

The thing I’m most proud of is that a majority of the items in the shop promote a life offline. So much of life is digital now, and I would rather contribute to what folks are doing without screens.

I’m uploading new items in the shop each week! So, here’s what’s new in the shop:

The Austin Bucket list + Commercial License

Last week, a designer and local small business owner approached me about selling a commercial license for my Austin Bucket List graphic. I was flattered by the proposal, but to be honest, I didn’t know what that was or what it meant!

I spent some time Googling and found out that lots of creators (like me) sell commercial licenses to other creators and business owners so they can sell their designs in other places. There’s more to it, of course, but it opened up an entirely new set of ideas for the shop!

I’m starting small, but I’ve created a modified version of my Austin Bucket List for sale, and it comes with a commercial license. This means anyone who buys the license can sell (up to 199) items with my design on it! I have ideas for additional licenses in the future, but I’m starting here, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

A Printable road trip Bucket List

I’ve been dreaming up this Road Trip Bucket List for months! I wanted to create something general that anyone going on any type of road trip could use, no matter where they were going. I think it’s coming at the right time because summer is right around the corner, and airline prices are wild. Cheers to the all-American road trip! Print this, use it, gift it, or use it digitally!

A Printable Mother’s Day Bucket List

Mother’s Day is coming up, and my mom actually pitched the idea of a Bucket List for the occasion! I didn’t really know what to include on the list, but she already had ideas ready for me. So, I decided to work on it, and I love how it turned out. It would make a great gift, and I’m excited to work on a Father’s Day version.

A Printable Ice Cream Bucket List

I’ve had ice cream on the brain and what better way to prep for the hotter months than with a Bucket list of ice cream flavors? This has several flavors and types of ice cream to check off, which would make a fun summer-long activity, or a fun wall hanging if you’re an ice cream lover.

A Printable Donut Bucket List

Once I tackled the Ice Cream Bucket List, I knew donuts had to be next on my list. There are WAY too many donut flavors and types out there not to have the proper checklist for them! So, the Donut Bucket List is here, and it’s so fun and colorful. It would be the perfect gift for the donut lover (Homer Simpson style) in your life.

A Printable Espresso Bucket List

I got an espresso machine for Christmas two years ago, and I’ve had so much fun whipping up cappuccinos and lattes of all flavors. My own coffee drinks inspired me to make an Espresso Bucket List for all of my fellow caffeine lovers out there!

Depending on when you read this, there may be even MORE new items in the shop, so check it out!

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