A closer look at Kylie Cosmetics’ Lip Products.

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The retailer I work for part-time sells Kylie Cosmetics, so I see customers asking about and buying the products. It got me thinking how much I really DO love her lip products. Although they often get a bad rap online, her products sell, and there’s good reason for it.

So, I thought I’d round up the Kylie lip products I’ve purchased and share my thoughts all in one place.

Kylie Matte Lip Kits

If you’ve tried any of the lip products, I’d venture to bet this one was your introduction. Kylie launched her cosmetics brand with these iconic lip kits after she brought back overlining the lip and then filling it in with a matte liquid lip. I have the Koko K and Candy K lip kits and love them both.

I also got a holiday trio pack that had mini lip kits of Autumn, Angel, and Mary Jo K. The Mary Jo K is a great red, especially for the winter months. What I love about these lip kits is their staying power — eat, drink, wear all day, and it’s not coming off. I love that!

I know people have complained that this formula is drying, but that hasn’t been an issue for me.

Kylie Lipstick

After the popularity of the lipkits, Kylie Cosmetics launched traditional bullet lipsticks with a matte finish (& I believe a creme, too). I bought a few of these, and loved them, but I guess they weren’t so popular because they appear to be discontinued!

They were packaged in a black component with silver metallic branding. Each lipstick had “Kylie” imprinted on the side, which I always think is so cool. I prefer a regular lipstick over the liquid lip, but I could be in the minority on that one.

Kylie High Gloss

The High Gloss is one of the top Kylie lip products — tied with the lip liner, IMO. The High Gloss is super shiny, but NOT sticky, and it’s pigmented, so you can really get lip color and coverage all in one product. I’ve gotten all sorts of shades in the High Gloss, from sheer and shimmery to color-packed, and I love them all!

Kylie Plumping Gloss

This is a newer item I saw at work and was able to take one home to try! I got the shade “Bubbly,” which is a clear gloss with pink and purple reflective glitter. I love the gloss, and while it does tingle some, I wouldn’t bank on its ability to plump the lips much.

Kylie Velvet Lip Kits

These are new to the lip kit family, and were created as an answer to everyone complaining of the dryness from the Matte Lip Kits. Not only do these have a more natural finish, but they come in some of the same shades as the matte options. I got the “Charm” velvet lip kit and was pleasantly surprised. It’s got the same staying power as the matte, but does feel more comfortable on the lips.

Are you a fan of any Kylie lip products?

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