My Romanticize Playlist is on Spotify!

Well, January is coming to a close, and I’m curious: how are those resolutions coming?

My overall theme this year is “romanticize.” Instead of taking the true definition of that word (i.e. making things look or sound better than they actually are), it’s a way of staying present for me.

So, I decided to make a playlist that would capture this idea!

When I think of “romanticize,” I picture myself reading a good book with a cozy blanket or sipping a mug of tea while I journal.

So, I started my playlist with jazz and classical songs I could play in the background while doing those activities. The cool thing is, a lot of the songs I picked are ones I listened to in college!

I’ll be adding to the playlist all year, so be sure to follow it on Spotify!

Here are some of the artists you’ll hear on the playlist:

Jamie Cullum

I listened to a lot of Jamie Cullum in college, but admittedly stopped over the years. I’m not sure why, but I’m so happy to have his music back in my rotation.

I added all kinds of songs from him — old and new!

Melody Gardot

Yet another artist I was obsessed with in college! Her voice is incredible and I love her entire vibe. I had to add her single, “Baby I’m a Fool” to the playlist (among a few other songs).

Diana Krall

My dad listened to a good bit of Diana Krall, so it felt right to add some of her iconic songs to the playlist. I added “Let’s Fall in Love,” “Fly Me to the Moon (Live),” and “We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye.”

John Mayer

At first, the playlist had NO John Mayer in it, but I realized that I needed the sentimental vibes from ole JM. He’s still got it! I added some of his lesser-known songs, including: “Love is a Verb,” “Comfortable,” and Covered in Rain.”

Harry Connick, Jr.

I listened to a lot of Harry Connick, Jr. when I lived in Louisiana — I even got to see him live! I thought it would be cute to add songs from romcoms to my playlist; I mean, what encapsulates “romanticize” better than romcoms?? So I added some of Connick’s hits from “When Harry Met Sally” into the mix.

If you’re interested, you can listen to my Romanticize playlist on Spotify! I’ll continue to add songs to it as I think of them. Enjoy!

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