Blanche’s Book Club: ‘I Kissed Shara Wheeler.’

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This week, I didn’t have much freelance work (maybe three billable hours), so I have been determined to put the final touches on my book… which comes out Oct. 31!

Although I am a deadline-driven person, I am less-motivated when it comes to deadlines I’ve set for myself.

So, in order to keep myself on track, I created a block schedule each day, with specific time slots for blogging, checking email, and working on my book.

It’s a little rigorous, but it really has kept me on-track! I’ve gotten a lot of work done, and I’ve stayed busy all week, which is really good for my mental health.

I think having TOO much free time right now gets me down in the dumps because then I’m reminded that I’m not working as much as I’d like to be.

But anyway, let’s talk about my latest read: “I Kissed Shara Wheeler” by Casey McQuiston.

McQuiston is also the author of “Red, White & Royal Blue” (which I loved) and “One Last Stop” (which is on my TBR list).

“I Kissed Shara Wheeler” is a YA Novel that takes place mostly at a high school in Alabama.

Chloe Green’s biggest rival is Shara Wheeler. Shara is the prom queen, the pretty one, and she could become valedictorian… unless Chloe beats her to it.

But, in a rare string of events, Shara kisses Chloe on prom night, and then disappears.

As Chloe searches for clues to find Shara — refusing to win by default — she meets other classmates who also kissed Shara before her disappearance.

What do they all have in common besides that magical kiss? Why would Shara vanish right before graduation?

This book is very much like “Paper Towns” by John Green — it even gets a mention in the book — and I loved it!

I love a good YA novel that takes place in a small town. This was exactly that, plus i really loved the characters and it was so fun feeling like I was right in high school with them!

If you’re a YA fan, pick this one up!

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