My Dream Setlist for Surfaces and LANY!

It’s no secret I LOVE live music, but it’s very rare when I see two concerts in a single week.

Many summers ago I saw John Mayer in Ohio one night, and then saw Justin Bieber in Indiana the following night.

I’ve also seen the same artist two nights in a row, but this… I got to see Andrew McMahon with Dashboard Confessional last week.

And tonight, I’m seeing LANY and Surfaces!

I will admit that I’m much more of a Surfaces fan — only because I’m not very familiar with LANY’s music — but I’m excited for the entire show.

I started listening to Surfaces during the pandemic lockdown, and their songs brought me so much joy.

However, I still considered myself a casual fan.

But, when I saw they were performing at ACL, I made sure to be there for their 2pm set.

When I found a spot in the grass, I was admiring the set, and realized I didn’t even know who this band consisted of. Was it a group of men? Men and women? What were they like?

I’ll be totally honest, I was a bit shocked when two young white guys jumped onto the stage wearing baggy clothes and sneakers. Ha!

But, that’s just more proof that you never know — never make assumptions.

That set was so much fun, and while I was jumping around singing with total strangers, I realized how innocent it was.

These are not songs about sex, drugs, violence… it’s all songs about living life, taking it easy, and being happy. I absolutely love it!

I walked away from that set knowing I had to see these guys again. I also might have had a few happy tears in my eyes 🙂

So, when I saw they were going on tour with LANY, I bought my ticket immediately.

I *think* this is more of a LANY concert with some Surfaces songs? But I also thought that about the Dashboard show, and it was two entire sets.

So, I made a dream setlist for Surfaces + songs I’d love to hear from LANY…with the understanding that they’ll play more than five songs.

Surfaces Setlist

1. Good Day

2. Famous

3. It Only Takes Two

4. Keep it Gold

5. Brand New

6. Take it Easy

7. Rolling Stone

8. Rooftops

9. Learn to Fly

10. Find a Way

11. Lazy

12. Sunday Best

LANY Song Requests

1. Ex I Never Had

2. Congrats

3. Good Guys

4. Cowboy in LA

5. Dancing in the Kitchen

…And that’s my dream setlist!

I actually had INCREDIBLE luck last week, so I’m excited to see what tonight’s show brings.

It’s also my first time seeing a concert at COTA — I haven’t heard great things, but I’m curious about it. So, here we go!

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