Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Counterfeit’.

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We made it to Friday!

Monday, I woke up feeling like it was going to be a good week — turns out, I was right 🙂 I got a few freelance projects to work on, made progress in my Etsy Shop, and continued applying for jobs.

I also met up (virtually) with some of the screenwriters I met at the retreat, watched the entire second season of “Only Murders in the Building” (very good), saw a fantastic concert at Stubbs, and read a few great books.

What a week!

So, let’s end it on a good note: a review of a treat of a book, “Counterfeit” by Kirstin Chen.

This is the story of Ava — a mom and a wife who’s going through a rough patch in her career and her marriage. She gets an invitation to meet up with Winnie, her college roommate.

When Winnie arrives, she’s decked out in designer clothes, sporting an expensive bag, and covered in sparkling jewelry. This leaves Ava very confused, given what she knows about Winnie’s past.

Turns out, Winnie is running a massive counterfeit bag business, and she needs Ava’s help. What lengths will Ava go to for her friend’s problematic business venture? What will she risk?

This book is SO good! I read it in one day — it’s a page-turner — and at times, I kept having to remind myself that it was a novel and not a memoir.

The ending also has an interesting twist, and makes me wonder if we’ll get a second book.

Reading this also made me think a lot about fake bags and clothes. Of course, I knew they existed, but never thought about it much beyond that.

I enjoyed talking about the book with a good friend who collects designer bags — how do we know what’s real and what’s not?


This book is categorized as a “caper,” which I didn’t know was a genre (just being honest), so I looked up other capers on GoodReads.

More options for my never-ending TBR list 🙂

If you’re into designer fashion at all, I recommend this book!

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