Blanche’s Book Club: ‘The Summer Job.’

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I have been a bit weighed down with anxiety lately, and I’m trying to reconnect with better habits like reading instead of mindlessly scrolling online or watching hours of bad news.

So, when I saw my library had “The Summer Job” by Lizzie Dent, I was really excited. I’d heard about it on a bookish podcast, and it sounded like an enjoyable seasonal read.

“The Summer Job” follows Birdy, looking for a great summer adventure. To accomplish her goal, she takes a job her best friend Heather turned down — to be a wine sommelier at a Scottish hotel.

The problem is she didn’t tell Heather, and she’s nowhere close to being a wine sommelier!

So, how will Birdy survive (or thrive) this summer, pretending to be someone else?

This book made me laugh out loud. It was light and fun, but the plot kept me hooked.

If you’re into wine at all or have ever worked in a restaurant that serves wine, you’ll definitely enjoy this one!

Upon writing this post, it looks like Lizzy Dent released another summer book in June, “The Setup.” The book is about a woman taking a solo vacation impersonating a fortune teller — ha! I’m noticing a trend here…

What are you reading this summer?

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