March Charity: National Women’s Law Center.

I’ll be honest, the month of March got away from me! It was the travel that really threw off my sense of time, so I never got a chance to make my monthly donation.

But, no worries! I’m donating to 12 different charities this month — even if it’s not on time.

For March, I wanted to donate to a cause that supported women since March is Women’s History Month.

After doing a little bit of research, I found the National Women’s Law Center.

The organization is currently celebrating 50 years of service, and I was touched by its history:

The Center began in 1972 when secretaries at a public interest law firm made four demands: better pay for women, more women staff attorneys, work on women’s rights, and no serving coffee. And they succeeded.

I called my mom, who has been a legal secretary for 30+ years, and asked her about the “serving coffee” thing, and she confirmed that secretaries (and women in general) were expected to bring their boss coffee in the office for years.


The National Women’s Law Center has been at the forefront of women’s rights since it started! Here’s some of the work they’ve done:

  • Authoring critical legislation on equal pay
  • Protecting the workplace
  • Fighting for abortion rights
  • Pushing stimulus interventions during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Holding elected officials accountable


I’m so happy to have found this organization and am grateful to have the means to make my monthly donation to support them.

I may have mentioned this already, but at the start of the year, I vowed to donate to a different charity each month, mainly because there are so many causes I care about, I couldn’t decide on just one to regularly donate to.

But, I feel like this year of researching and exploring different charities and causes, maybe I’ll find a place that I want to donate to every single month.

I’ll be reporting on my April charity very soon!

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