2022 Goal Check-in!

The first quarter of the year is coming to a close (do I sound like your boss at work, now?) and it’s always these times when I want to check in on my goals for the year and see where I can do a better job.

So, I’ll re-share my 2022 goals, and then see where I’m at:


Late last year, this word came to me because I really felt like I did myself such a disservice. I am really bad about saying no. I say yes to everything because I never want to let anyone down, and if it’s a freelance gig, I always want the extra money.

Well, I pretty much made myself sick. I cannot tell you the number of times I ended up crying in my bed feeling like I ruined my own life. All I did in 2021 was work, and that included on any plane ride, during “vacations,” etc.

I failed to protect my own peace.

So this year, I’m protecting my peace, my energy, my money, my space, all of it. And a majority of my goals align with this word.

Assessment: I am doing okay at this. I have greatly reduced my workload and the amount of money I spend, all so I can rest more. But, I do have times when I catch myself feeling like I need to relax more.

It’s a work in progress. I feel like it took me two entire months to physically recover from the stress I put myself through in 2021. To some, this goal may sound really easy, but relaxing goes against my NATURE! I’m proud of how far I’ve come.


Last year, I used a budget journal for the first time and I spent the entire year just getting a solid understanding of where my money was going and what all of my different accounts (checking, savings, retirement, investment, etc.) looked like.

This year, I’ve got a fresh budget journal and am actually using the numbers from last year to set a budget and hit some goals. My goal is to put $800/month into savings. This is 20% of my 9-5 income and last year I did this, but I used freelance money to do it. This year, I’m doing much, much less freelance (I do have 1 contract job still but am not accepting ANY new clients), so I have to be a better (more mindful) spender to make it happen, but I know I can do it.

I’m also putting $1,000 toward my credit card debt each month and not contributing to the debt. I put a massive dent in my debt last year, but I still have two cards left to pay off. I really enjoy seeing the number go down every month, slowly but surely.

Assessment: While my budget skills are lacking, I have been able to meet my goals for savings and paying down debt each month so far. I also got a raise in February, so I’ll be able to increase my savings goals and what I’m using to pay off debt.


I don’t have any goals to work out more or eat differently, really, but in general I just want to be more mindful about all of it. I’m focused more on prioritizing rest and sleep, and just giving my mind a big break.

This also means much less social media (no mindless scrolling), getting a good bedtime routine going, and checking in with my mental health via meditation and journaling daily (which I’ve been doing for a few years).

I’ve also challenged myself to take 1 PTO day a month so I can get a 3-day weekend, just to do nothing. Travel doesn’t count, or a built-in holiday doesn’t count. A day off just because every month — already have January and February’s in the request list!

Assessment: I really haven’t done any physical exercise this year, which is difficult to admit. But, I continue to try and make good food choices, and have been journaling daily. I’ve taken a few gentle yoga classes and done some guided meditations.


In 2020, I met a fellow Austin writer during #NaNoWriMo and we decided to become creative partners. We check in every month and share our creative goals and just cheer each other on. I keep my goals private to her, but in general, I’ll be writing lots this year and getting a grasp on the industry so I can take some leaps.

I also am going to make an effort to quietly inspire myself and create, and just live with it for a while before I share. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m just always grinding and doing and sharing, and I want to just marinate for a bit.

Assessment: Considering I’ve already published a book this year, I think this is a solid 100%!

How are your 2022 goals coming along?

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