Q & A: My Second Novel!

Hi all! I know I mentioned that last year I wrote my second novel, “Neon Highway.” I’m so happy to share that it’ll be available on Tuesday, March. 1 (tomorrow)! In preparation for it coming out in just a few hours, I thought I’d do a little Q&A so you can learn more about it. Enjoy!


“Neon Highway” is the sequel to my first book, “Oil & Ink.” It’s about a tattoo artist, Charlie, and his friends, who all live and work in a fictional town called Wander, South Dakota. Charlie gets an opportunity across the country and he has to weigh his options. When things seem to be going alright, someone comes out of left field that changes his life and career forever.


Since this is a sequel, I had some of my characters and the setting already nailed down. But, I wrote this entire book in 30 days for #NaNoWriMo so many of the plot twists and new characters were seconds of thought that I decided to put into words. In the first book, I knew I wanted to include a road trip. In this one, I knew I wanted to include a bit of celebrity culture and a music festival.

Were you pleased with how this book turned out?

Overall, yes. When I was editing it, there were a few parts of the book I feel I could’ve done differently. But, I felt like I could edit and edit and edit forever and it probably still would have things I could change. That’s the thing about a story — it can go in so many different directions. Ultimately, I love these characters and the ride they take in this one!

Will there be more books with these characters?

Possibly. Part of me has more ideas for these characters, but another part of me feels like I should move on with other ideas I have. We’ll see!

How can we read the book?

The book will be available in print or as an eBook on Amazon.

Do you have ideas for other books?

I do! Actually, writing these two books has given me so many ideas for other books. I just need to reel them in and get to writing 🙂

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