Looking Back on Austin City Limits!

I went to Austin City Limits (ACL) these past two weekends, and well, I made it out alive! Originally, I was going to write a blog post all about my festival hair — complete with pictures — because I made an appointment to get my hair done for one weekend.

I wanted a cute boho braid or anything that would keep my hair out of my face, but all of it turned out to be a disaster and I ended up doing my hair myself after getting some ideas from Pinterest.

So, instead of talking about hair, I thought I’d share a few things about my time at the festival.

For starters, I went by myself. I am always afraid to admit when I do things by myself because I’m scared people will think I’m weird or a loser. But really, I often don’t know anyone who wants to do the same things, and I don’t want to miss out on whatever it is… so I just go with myself.

I am always a little nervous, but it always ends up just fine. I met lots of people, and even people who are in groups break off by themselves, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Not only was ACL my first live music event since COVID, it was really my first time being around a lot of people. I mean… if you’re going to do it, go big I guess! I had some anxiety, some about getting COVID, but mostly just feeling weird being so close to so many people.

I can say this though, it felt really, really good to hear some music. I missed being in a crowd of strangers and screaming lyrics as loud as possible, and I definitely did my fair share of that.

Going to a music festival while a pandemic is still happening was… interesting and, at times, I felt like maybe I signed up for too much. It was difficult and expensive getting too and from the festival, since everything is limited as a result of COVID.

Everyone also had to show ID, and proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to enter. There were also mask requirements for some areas of the festival.

For day one of the festival, it was new and exciting, and I was so happy to be there. But on day two, I was so physically exhausted! Having walked 13,000+ steps on day one, I think my body was in shock. Being in lockdown, I probably walk 50 steps a day in my little apartment – ha!

But, I survived on pain meds, bubble baths, and CBD lotion.

By the end of the festival, I was really grateful I was able to go — financially, physically, and mentally. It was a really great reminder that creativity brings people together.

The part I loved most about the festival was wandering from stage-to-stage and listening to artists I’d previously never heard. I’m so excited to add some new artists to my playlist, including John Batiste, Ant Clemons, and Sir Woman.

I also ate some really delicious local vegan food, including cauliflower “wings”, plant-based sausage and sauerkraut, and a vegan Frito pie!

What experiences have you had since the lockdown lift?

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