Fall Lipstick Shades for Any Occasion.

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Okay, I know we are still wearing masks for many outings, but in case you happen to be social distancing with your vaccinated friends, you must have the perfect lip — we’ve all been hiding them for too long! And hey, you can always go for a bold lip on a Zoom, right!? Here are the lipsticks I’ve set aside to wear this season.

Lady Bug | MAC Cosmetics

Lady Bug by MAC

I know red shades are often saved for the holiday season, but why? Fall is full of red shades in nature, so it’s a perfect lipstick shade to add to your collection.

I love this one because it’s a bit of a deeper red that’s more approachable—bright reds can be intimidating. It’s from Mac’s Lustre line, so it has a soft finish (not matte), which makes it even more wearable for any occasion.

Portland | OFRA Cosmetics

Portland by OFRA

This is a liquid lipstick in a chocolate brown with a bit of a plum undertone. If you’re fair-skinned, this may be a leap for you — but it is a beautiful color!

Ofra describes it as a mocha brown, and it has a matte finish, but not drying. It would look great with a clear gloss on top, too! I bought this as part of a set with shades Aspen, Sedona, and Palo Alto, and they all are great shades for fall!

Getaway | Covergirl

Getaway by Covergirl

This is one of my favorite lipstick shades, and when I bought it, I wasn’t sure… because it’s a metallic! I remember buying it and thinking it was a good middle-ground — not too out there, but not another nude.

But, it’s just enough 80’s to look cool. “Getaway” is a grape-almost-plum, but not quite as rich. It’s like a chilled red wine – ha! The metallic shine is visible on the lip, but it’s not glittery. I love this color!

Supa Dupa Fly | Marc Jacobs Beauty

Supa Dupa Fly by Marc Jacobs

Admittedly, the name of this high-shine gloss got me. We all know the music video, and in it, Missy is wearing a rich, glossy black (it’s almost gone a wine undertone) lipstick. This is most-definitely a deep, black cherry, but wow it’s pigmented, and it looks VERY similar to what Missy wears in the video!

In college, I had a plum gloss from Victoria’s Secret that I loved, and I am always trying to find a product that replicates that. This is REAL close. It’s very deep in color, but the glossiness of it makes it approachable.

Mocha | MAC Cosmetics

Mocha by MAC

If you’re comfortable in a nude lip mostly, this may be your lane. Mocha is one of Mac’s best-sellers, and it has a satin finish.

It’s a good neutral brown — it looks like a cup of coffee with cream — and it’s buildable. If you’re scared to go for the dark shades, this is a baby step in the right direction.

It’s a great shade to keep in your purse all day… or in your at-home desk drawer, ha!

Show Don’t Tell | Morphe Cosmetics

Show Don’t Tell by Morphe

I bought a mystery bag of makeup for charity and this was in it — I have always secretly wanted black or blue lipstick… for concert purposes, but why not wear it more often??

This is a matte, chalky black lipstick and it looks rich. I love the finish of it, and you can keep layering it for that really BOLD black lip!

I mean, pair it with a buffalo check flannel, combat boots, and you’re good to go.

Soft-Spoken | NYX

Soft Spoken by NYX

This is another one for the nude-lip lovers. It’s similar in shade to the MAC Mocha, but that’s more red in tone while this is much cooler.

It’s a liquid lipstick with a suede finish, so it’s also a tad creamier than the MAC lipstick. This would look great if you’re going full-90’s with a dark liner 🙂

Confident | V-Kosmetik

Confident by V-Kosmetik

I got this in my Birchbox, and it’s a Black-owned brand!

This is a liquid lipstick and it’s a beautiful muted merlot/plum shade.

It’s very unique, and although it’s rich in color, it’s very wearable for daily wear. It has a velvety finish — a great mix of matte and gloss.

I Got A Man | MAC Cosmetics

I Got a Man by MAC

This was part of Mac’s collab with Teyana Taylor, and although it’s a step outside of my comfort zone, I’m glad I got it. This color is a medium-brown with a satin finish.

For my skin tone, it’s a few shades darker than I would normally go, but that’s why I love it for fall!

What lipstick are you wearing this season?

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