My Skims Memorial Day Sale Haul!

Skims — shape wear and loungewear brand created and owned by Kim Kardashian — had a Memorial Day sale a few weeks ago! For the sale, they marked several items 50% off.

Skims doesn’t really have sales, so this was HUGE and I admittedly let myself put lots of things in my cart. I’d been eyeing several items before I knew about the sale, so this was the perfect excuse to BUY.

The Waffle Collection

Skims put the entire Waffle Collection on sale, which I’d been eyeing. I bought the waffle legging, joggers, and scoop bra — all in Onyx. I also bought the waffle robe and hoodie in Mineral.

The jogger, hoodie, and bra all had mixed reviews on the site, which is why I hadn’t already purchased them. But, now that I’ve received the items, I can report back.

First, I’ll say that the waffle fabric is so soft. I honestly love all the items, minus the bra. The fit of it is so small. I got the same size I get in all other Skims items and it barely fits… and I wouldn’t wear it anywhere other than around my house.

But, I love the loose fit of the joggers and the warmth of the robe and the leggings.

The Cotton Rib Collection

The Cotton Rib collection has got to be my favorite Skims line. I love the look of it, the feel, the fit. Everything.

I already have several pairs of the leggings, but during the sale, I bought another pair in Deep Sea, a pair of boxers in Garnet, and the bodysuit in Deep Sea.

I have a few other pairs of Skims boxers, so I’m not surprised that I love these! But, this bodysuit is so, so comfortable and the Deep Sea color is gorgeous!

The bodysuit snaps at the bottom and has a square neck with thick straps, which I feel is so flattering.

The Velour Collection

When the pieces for the Velour Collection dropped, I wasn’t so sure… velour can easily look (and feel) really cheap.

But, I got the jogger and the hoodie in Smoke and it’s all so beautiful! It’s so, so soft — on the inside and outside — and it looks very luxe. The color is a rich silvery color.

The joggers are high-waisted and the hoodie is a crop, which is normally not my style, but it hits perfect with the joggers. One small detail I love is that the joggers have zip pockets. I plan on wearing the outfit for travel and zip pockets will come in handy!

The Body Basics Collection

The only items I bought from this collection was the Square Neck Bodysuit in Garnet.

When I saw it, I was thinking “That’s not going to fit!” But, if you’ve purchased Skims before… many of their pieces look small but have an unbelievable stretch.

It ended up fitting, but if I ordered another one I would probably size up. The color is beautiful, though!

Overall, I’m happy with my haul 🙂 It felt like such a treat to be able to get these items, and I’ve already enjoyed wearing them.

Did you hit up any Memorial Day sales?!

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