A Review: Uncommon James Jewelry.

I have always hoped I wouldn’t be one of those people who looked forward to Friday or the weekends. But there’s something to be said about the way it feels to wake up on a Saturday morning with an entire two days of opportunity ahead.

Will I lay in bed and watch copious amounts of “Bob’s Burgers” or will I hunch over my laptop and try and figure out my screenwriting software?

I’ll be doing the latter, but still. Beats being tied to email and project management platforms until 5pm, right? Right.

Anyway, a few months ago, I realized I’ve never talked about my Uncommon James jewelry!

I’ve gotten other items from Uncommon James, too, including lots of candles and kitchen items. But, I’ll just stick to the jewelry today.

I’ve gotten four items, but since they’re a variety of things, I figure it’s time I speak on them.

Nautical Hoops | Gold

These are a part of the Uncommon James Daydream line for spring and I wanted them as soon as I saw them. They remind me of the giant ropes they have on boats to tie them to the dock.

These are chunky, twisted hoops that are medium-sized with a hinge closure. I wear them every day in my first hole with a small pair of simple huggies in the second hole.

They’re just the right size to make a statement, but they don’t feel too heavy (but I wouldn’t consider these lightweight) or bulky for everyday wear. I usually sleep in them.

Girl Boss Earrings, Medium | Gold

These are Uncommon James’ most popular styles, but in a slightly smaller size than the original Girl Boss. It’s a geometric earring — like a square diamond hoop. It’s light (I barely notice that I’m wearing them).

It’s a simple style, but they’re unique. I always get complements when I wear them!

The cool thing is, I got them for free! During the Uncommon James Black Friday sale, they were offering a free pair of these if you spent a certain amount of money. I bought some candles and gifts and voila, free earrings.

I was wearing these everyday until I bought the Nautical Hoops two months later 🙂

Yacht Necklace | Gold

I bought this at the same time as the Nautical Hoops and it’s a part of that same collection.

This is my favorite piece of jewelry right now! It’s simple, perfect for layering or wearing alone, and it’s slightly sparkly. I just love it!

You can adjust the size, which I’ve done when I layer it. Mostly, I wear it on the longest setting so it lays over whatever top I’m wearing, but it would look great as a choker.

A classic piece that goes with everything!

South Ring | Gold

This was my first jewelry piece from Uncommon James.

It’s a bolder piece that basically has a circle on top with an off-center gap. It gives it character, and you can put the “bigger” side of the ring however you want.

I love it because it’s still simple, but a little edgy. I wear it on my pointer finger mostly, but sometimes on my ring finger and it looks great on both.

In general, I’ve been pleased with my jewelry purchases from Uncommon James. Is it amazing jewelry that I’ll keep forever? No. It’s affordable jewelry that’ll last awhile. I’m honestly surprised at the durability of it. It’s plated jewelry, which means it’s not solid gold or silver, and comes at a less-expensive price.

Usually, plated jewelry required more care and less wear, but like I said, this stuff is pretty good. No green fingers or anything like that.

Uncommon James does have a demi-fine line, which is more of your solid metals. I am not opposed to it, but I haven’t seen a piece that I had to have just yet — give me time 🙂

Part of the reason I like Uncommon James is because I love Kristin Cavallari (this is her company). I love her style and she does a great job of styling the pieces. If it were just the website alone, I likely wouldn’t be as sold.

Some of the other pieces I’m currently eyeing are the Forever Hoops, the Breakthrough Ear Cuff, and the Gilded Bracelet Set.

If you’re interested in anything from Uncommon James, I have a $10 off coupon for you! Use it — there’s jewelry, home items, candles, and a sale section!

Happy Shopping!

This product review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty and skincare junkie and enjoy sharing the products I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers! 

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