Watching: ‘Central Park.’

I’m moving extra slow today. I’ve been having a bit of an ant issue in my bedroom — those super tiny ants have found a way in through my window somehow and yesterday I was determined to tackle the issue before it became a nightmare.

So, I was cleaning and spraying and vacuuming and moving furniture all afternoon. And now I’m so freakin’ sore! But, I haven’t seen any ants.

Over the weekend, I was binging shows on Apple TV because I canceled my subscription and had 48 hours of access remaining.

I only signed up for it to watch the Billie Eilish documentary — which was fantastic — and I knew I wanted to watch a few other shows, but I don’t think much of the selection is for me.

On Saturday, I binged “Central Park” … and it was so cute!

“Central Park” is an animated series created by the same producers as “Bob’s Burgers” (which I recently started watching from episode 1).

I didn’t really know much else about it when I started watching it, but from the jump, I discovered it’s a MUSICAL! A musical comedy carton about life in Central Park!

The premise is that a family is working to save Central Park from hotel heiress Bitsy Brandenham (whose voice is Stanley Tucci’s and it’s fantastic), who wants to put condos on the land.

Some of the songs are so good — a few reminded me of the songs from the “Mean Girls” musical — and the humor is witty, but not too complicated.

I didn’t know it until I wrote this blog post, but it looks like there’s going to be a season 2 (dropping June 25) and a season 3… so I’ll have to get my Apple TV back (once I get a job). Ha!

If you’re a fan of New York City and funny cartoons, I’d definitely recommend watching this!

I also binged “The Morning Show” and DAMN, that shit turned dark! At first it was smart and kind of funny at times, and before I knew it, there were suicidal disclaimers for the episodes began. WTH?

But now I’ve dwindled my visual content reservoir to my Uverse cable package (which is a solid 500 channels) + HBO Max + Hulu… plenty of stuff to keep me busy… but I swear I’m going to get crackin’ on my script 🙂

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