Blanche’s Book Club: 2021 Reading Guide!

Last year, I made a schedule of the books I was going to read each month because I set a goal to read books I already had on my shelf, but hadn’t read yet. Well, I did pretty good — even at the start of lockdown — until summer.

Then, I just wanted to read whatever I wanted and that also meant I bought a TON of books. But, I’m not mad at myself. I still read 69 books in 2020 and I bought all of my books from local shops that are women-owned.

For this year, I definitely want to tackle the books I have. But, I also am allowing myself to read library books (I am still using the Libby app so I’m not physically going to the library). I also pre-paid for a book subscription from a local shop, so each month, they send me a hand-selected book.

Whew, that’s a lot. But, I’ve written down three books to read each month. That isn’t enough for my goal of 75 books, so it’ll hopefully end up being the three books I planned, plus the subscription book, and a few library books.

Last year, I tried to plan my books seasonally, but this year, I just sort of slapped the list together. Here’s what I’ve got:













What books are you all looking forward to reading this year?

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