Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Winter Solstice’.

Hey there! I hope everyone had a good Christmas — if you celebrate. I opened presents via Zoom with my mom, and although it certainly wasn’t the same, I felt really thankful that technology helped us see each other safely.

I took Christmas day off from work, but wow have I been SWAMPED. I worked all day Christmas Eve (I had to stop myself around 10pm) and I’ve been working all weekend. I never want it to sound like I am not grateful for the work that comes my way, especially in these times, but wow, I am exhausted.

I have another few busy days ahead, but have vowed to take Thursday and Friday off to rest before things begin in the New Year.

But, let’s talk books! The latest read from Blanche’s Book Club is “Winter Solstice” by Elin Hilderbrand. This is the 4th (and final) book in the Winter Street series. If you were here for my recap on book 3 (“Winter Storms”), there was a little bit of confusion about it being the last book in the series.

Well, Elin Hilderbrand explains all of it at the end of this book… essentially, the Winter Street series was so popular, publishers wanted a 4th book, so it was just a money grab. But hey, we got another book and I do think it was necessary. Here’s the scoop:

Raise one last glass with the Quinn Family at the Winter Street Inn.

It’s been too long since the entire Quinn family has been able to celebrate the holidays under the same roof, but that’s about to change. With Bart back safe and sound from Afghanistan, the Quinns are preparing for a holiday more joyous than any they’ve experienced in years. And Bart’s safe return isn’t the family’s only good news: Kevin is enjoying married life with Isabelle; Patrick is getting back on his feet after paying his debt to society; Ava thinks she’s finally found the love of her life; and Kelly is thrilled to see his family reunited at last.

But it just wouldn’t be a Quinn family gathering if things went smoothly. A celebration of everything we love–and some of the things we endure–about the holidays, WINTER SOLSTICE is Elin Hilderbrand at her festive best.

This book doesn’t introduce any new drama, but really wraps up everything else. There were some sad parts, and if you’re someone who is triggered by cancer and/or an ill parent (I am), this is your warning.

Out of all the books in this series, I really enjoyed the first and second ones. I felt like that’s where all the drama was flung and then books three and four were more of the cleanup. But I had to read all of them 🙂

This is book #69 of 2020, and I’m going to try and finish one more before January 1!

Are you reading anything this week?

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