I wrote a book for #nanowrimo!

You guys… I literally just finished writing my book for National Novel Writing Month, or #NaNoWriMo. I wrote 50,028 words in exactly 30 days… I even had about 6 hours to spare!

This was my first time ever participating in this, even though I’ve known about it for a while. Of course i picked the strangest year to do it, but it wound up being a really nice distraction.

I’ll be sharing more about the book later (I need a bit of a break right now), but tonight I am sharing a series of video diaries I created during the month of November while I was writing the book.

I’m also sharing chapter one of the book I just finished writing!

It’s all over on The Bitter Lemon Patreon!

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The Patreon currently has 50 published posts — which includes videos, downloads, Brainstorming sessions, and tips and tricks — which are accessible to anyone upon subscribing.

I add new content at least once each week, including videos like the one I uploaded tonight.

I hope to see you over on the Patreon!

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