My vegetarian thanksgiving menu.

Thanksgiving is just a week away! In what seems like a lifetime ago, I used to travel for Thanksgiving and help a friend make a giant meal.

I haven’t done that in many years, and since I moved to Austin five years ago, I’ve stayed in the area for the holiday and frankly, never made much of a big deal about it.

It’s not that I don’t love Thanksgiving, I just feel like we don’t get much of a break from work or school or whatever you’ve got going on to celebrate it in a major way, if that makes any sense.

Regardless, I do always enjoy getting together with friends and having great food and giving thanks.

This year, like many of you I am sure, I’m spending the holiday a bit different, and although I know a lot of us will be missing friends and family, I am thankful that I have the choice to be safe and not put others at risk.

Now, as for what I’m eating, I’m warning you, this is nothing impressive, but I thought I’d share anyway in case it offers up any ideas for anyone.

Last year, I was working so much and Thanksgiving was a rare day off, so I went to Trader Joe’s and literally bought ALL frozen items to make on the big day 🙂 I did make them all and serve them in my heirloom China and it was honestly nice to just relax and eat.

This year, I am relying on meal delivery kits because I am trying to avoid leaving my house as much as possible. I have been getting meal kits pretty much every week since lockdown began and I even added a few new brands into the mix to change it up.

For Thanksgiving, Martha & Marley Spoon offered vegetarian options. Here’s what I am getting:

  • Cream cheese mashed potatoes
  • Green beans with crispy shallots
  • Hot-honey glazed roasted vegetables
  • Parmesan thyme biscuits
  • Cream cheese pumpkin pie

Sounds pretty good, right? I’ll also have plenty of wine, thanks to my Winc subscription.

I know I just said I was avoiding the store — I haven’t been in several weeks — but I will probably try to go on Monday during the day to pick up some cranberry sauce and appetizers.

Anytime I do go to the store (I’ve only been four times since lockdown began), I stock up on anything I need outside of meal kits such as nut milk (I keep buying the pantry boxes), vegan butter, oil for cooking, and any freezer or pantry items I might need to hold me over.

And that’s it! Nothing incredibly special — a bunch of side items — but I’m keeping it veggie (I’ve done that for the last few years) and will likely spend the day watching the parade on TV and binging Christmas movies.

I am really thankful to anyone and everyone that invited me to their home for Thanksgiving this year, and I felt terrible saying no. But I have been quarantining by myself this entire time, so I know the safest option for me, and for others, is to just stay home. And honestly? It’s going to be just fine. I’ve already chalked this year up to new, different, and sometimes disappointing things… and this is just part of it.

I’m not mad about it! What are your Thanksgiving plans? What are you cooking? Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. tiffanyarpdaleo

    Sounds good! I’m curious about the cream cheese mashed potatoes? It will just be my husband and I this year, doing the traditional sides, still debating on getting a Tofurky, they are not that good! I could fill up on the stuffing alone and be happy! 😊

    1. thebitterlemon

      From the recipe they send with the potatoes, it looks like your standard mashed potato recipe + cream cheese. So we’ll see! I have never liked tofu, but every year I’m tempted to get the one from Trader Joe’s because everyone says it’s so good! I’m with you though, sides are fine… and all I really want is pie 🙂

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