Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Boy-Crazy stacey’.

We had a book club meeting last Friday and it sounds like they’re not going to continue with The Baby-Sitters Club books after book 11. Ugh! 

I am tempted to keep reading them on my own, though, because I have been enjoying them so much. We’ll see! 

Book 8 is “Boy-Crazy Stacey” and that title makes me laugh just on its own. In this book, Mary Anne and Stacey get summer jobs as baby-sitters for the Pike family as they go on a two-week vacation to Sea City in New Jersey. 

This is a pretty cool summer gig, if you ask me — a free vacation! While the girls babysit the kids during the day, they get several evenings off to go to the boardwalk. Fun! 

As you can probably tell from the title, Stacey meets a boy — one of the lifeguards at the beach — and she starts crushing on him… HARD. He’s a few years older than her (he’s 15 or 16) and she thinks he likes her just as much because of the little pet names he gives her… 

But honestly, he just seems annoying and she looks really stupid running to get him cold sodas and sandwiches. Boys! 

Right when she buys him a GIANT heart-shaped box of chocolates, she sees him on the boardwalk kissing another girl… le sigh. 

The book has a happy ending that I won’t spoil, 

When we discussed it at the book club meeting, Stacey’s “boy-crazy” ways annoyed a few of the readers. While I can see that having a friend today that was desperate for male attention definitely isn’t my thing, Stacey’s behavior seemed appropriate given her age. 

We all had that boy-crazy friend when we were 13, right? 

Book 9 is “The Ghost at Dawn’s House” — perfect for spooky season!! 

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