Blanche’s Book Club: ‘The Truth About Stacey’.

We are just barreling through The Baby-sitters Club books! Of course, they are made for middle-schoolers and they’re only around 150 pages each, so it takes me about an hour to whip through one.

But hey, the stories are entertaining, too! The third book in the series is “The Truth About Stacey” and we got a bit of a teaser in the last few books about this “truth.” Stacey is diabetic.

It seems sort of silly the way it’s addressed in the book, like, “Oh Stacey, can’t have candy” or, “We all ate cupcakes at the meeting, but Stacey had crackers.”

However, I think Ann M. Martin does a pretty good job of not talking down to the readers and explaining more about what it means to live with diabetes.

Since this book is from Stacey’s POV, we get a better idea of her daily life, instead of just the “no candy” thing. Honestly, it sounds like her life took a huge turn once she was diagnosed and it had a giant effect on her social life and the relationship she has with her parents.

Her health problems were something kids at her old school in New York made fun of, and it’s one of the main reasons her family moved to Stoneybrook.

However, Stacey’s parents are really, really strict about the things she does, and of course, what she eats. So, they make a plan for her to meet up with a new doctor in New York. This new doctor promises to have some unorthodox ways of treatment.

Stacey takes matters into her own hands and asks one of her babysitting clients if she’s heard of this doctor. She has, and she says it may not be the most beneficial for Stacey.

So, Stacey has the client write a letter to her parents and when they get to New York, she hands them the letter and basically says, “Hey, I should be a part of the medical decisions made around my body. MY BODY MY CHOICE!”

Okay, so she doesn’t say that last part, but you get the picture.

I liked this one and hey, i’m proud of Stacey for sticking up for herself… and her body.

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