Fall Content Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming Session: Fall.

Wahoo!! It’s a fresh brainstorming session!

This time, I’m talking all things fall… caramel apples, Halloween, Spooky movie guides… In this 40-minute session, I came up with 45+ content ideas!

The cool part? These ideas are YOURS to keep.

That’s the whole point of these Brainstorming Sessions! I’ll pick a topic, brainstorm, and you get to keep the ideas for your blog, website, social media, whatever you want.

Maybe some of my ideas will spark even more ideas for you.

Also, if you have a topic you want me to brainstorm — leave a comment and I’ll add it to my list!

I hope you all find this useful 🙂


Here’s the other cool part: there’s two ways you can access the Brainstorming Session on Fall!

  1. Make a one-time purchase -OR-
  2. Subscribe to The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon


This is perfect if you’re new to the blog and/or new to me and aren’t looking for a commitment.

This one-time purchase gives you 24/7 access to the Brainstorm Session on Fall, which includes:

  • Why brainstorming is vital to the content creation process
  • Tips on leading your own brainstorming sessions
  • A 40-minute screen recording of my brainstorming process, including online tools)
  • 45+ content ideas on autumn, Thanksgiving, and fall fashion for YOU to use or spark additional ideas.


    When you become a Patreon member, you get access to this Brainstorm session on Fall, plus ALL of my previous exclusive posts (30+), including the previous Brainstorm sessions on Food and Fitness!

    I post new content on the Patreon every week, including tips, tricks and tutorials, so there’s always fresh stuff to check out.

    I hope to see you there!

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