Martha & Marley Spoon has been a lifesaver!

I am still trying to self-isolate as much as possible, so I stopped going to the store about two months ago. I literally have EVERYTHING I need shipped to my doorstep!

Pre-pandemic, I already used a meal kit delivery service once per week to help me with dinners. But, I went to the grocery for lunch, breakfast and snack items.

Once COVID got bad in Austin, I decided I was going to try and survive without going to the store. When I moved to Austin five years ago, I experienced a lot of anxiety going to the store — it was always so busy. But, I found ways to cope and I’ve come to enjoy going to the store as long as I don’t have a super long list.

So, going to the store during COVID was kind of a nightmare. Not only do you have to generally worry about masking, social distancing and being mindful of what you touch, but the aisles are all a certain direction, the checkout process is different, and all of it just makes me want to crawl into a hole.

The few times I did go, I would try and get enough groceries for at least one month so I could cut back on exposure… and then when I got home I wiped everything down and then stripped, showered and scrubbed myself. It’s a lot of work.

So, I was considering just ordering an extra meal kit each week or a Daily Harvest box. But, then my mom said she saw a coupon code for Martha & Marley Spoon.

I remember seeing it a long time ago, but I think I just assumed it would be too expensive so I never looked into it. But, I looked into it, and I’ve been using it every week for the last month!

What is Martha & Marley Spoon?

I made this Cannoli Cake from Martha & Marley Spoon!

Martha & Marley Spoon is Martha Stewart’s meal kit delivery option.

Each week, you can choose from 22 different recipes that cover a variety of diets from non-dairy or low-carb to vegetarian or family-friendly.

The meal kit boxes are flexible: you can change up your recipes, add extra meals, or even skip a week with no financial penalty.

On some weeks, there’s also an option to add dessert, coffee kits, pantry boxes, brunch kits, meat or seafood boxes, or breakfast.

How much does Martha & Marley Spoon cost?

The cost all depends on how many meals you get in your box and what kind they are. I have been getting vegetarian meals, and I usually get enough ingredients for 8 meals (some are for breakfast) and it’s around $65.

I know the sticker price of meal kit delivery can seem expensive, but I always think of how much it would cost if I bought these items from the store. Plus, there’s the added benefit of it being delivered. I also like the fact that I didn’t have to dig through my cookbooks or stacks of recipes to find something to cook.

What kinds of meals are in the Martha & Marley Spoon box?

The lemon meringue pie I made from Martha & Marley!

Some of the meals I’ve gotten in my box include tomato-basil ravioli with Italian salad, charred-corn flatbreads with refried beans, saucy tortellini with parmesan broccoli, spinach and artichoke panini with sweet potato wedges, and a family-style Greek veggie cobb salad.

I have also ordered a few of the dessert options — these usually show up every other week. I’ve gotten the lemon meringue pie and the cannoli cake. Both were delicious! I will note that Martha & Marley Spoon doesn’t send eggs or butter, which has been interesting during this time, but I make it work.

For a little bit, they were also offering “Pantry Boxes”, which were themed by location such as “Italy” or “Mexico” and it contained items that allowed you to get creative and make whatever you want. I got two of these boxes and they have things like canned beans, canned tomatoes and artichokes, dried pasta and rice, and tortillas. I haven’t seen them as an option, but I hope they come back because they make so many meals.

I have also been ordering the overnight oats, which makes enough for 4 servings. It comes with the oats, oat milk, dried cherries, walnuts, chia and flax seeds, coconut, and an apple! It’s delicious, and again, really convenient when I’m trying to skip the store.

Other info

The other meal delivery kits I use are Green Chef, Blue Apron and Daily Harvest.

Green Chef and Daily Harvest are more expensive because they have all organic ingredients. Martha & Marley Spoon isn’t organic (which is okay, just noting it) so it’s less-expensive than others I’ve seen.

I haven’t had any issues with the ingredients and I’m honestly impressed with their selection of vegetarian options. Some of the meals I have coming up look good: Broccolini & corn fried rice, Black bean tortilla soup, and vegetarian cobb salad with mushroom “bacon.”

Each box comes insulated and with ice packs so everything stays cool during transport. You get a recipe card with each meal, but don’t be fooled by the “6 steps to each meal” — each step has multiple parts.

I wouldn’t say this is the easiest meal kit I’ve had. The meals are a little more complicated. Are they difficult to make? No, but i definitely think they are more for people who want to cook, or maybe learn to cook, which I think is in line with Martha Stewart’s audience.

Having said all of that, I do have a few free boxes to give away! This is NOT sponsored at all, I just have earned the free boxes.

Have you been using any meal kit delivery services during the pandemic? Which ones do you like?

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