A blog post checklist.

It’s a new month, which means a new download on The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon!

This month, I wanted to share a Blog Post Checklist. This may be helpful for some of you, but it may be cumbersome for others — it all depends on what helps you complete tasks.

Before I publish each blog post, there’s several things I check to make sure I’ve done. That’s the spirit I took in creating this checklist.

There are three different categories on the checklist: Readership, SEO, and Engagement. Here’s a look into each category:

Readership: The items in this section are meant to make the blog post easy to read for those who visit your site. Some of the items also lend themselves to SEO efforts, because they straddle the categories.

SEO: The items in this section are for boosting your post’s signal for search engines so you can rank higher in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

Engagement: The items in this section are to push your readers to take action; to take the next steps to engage with your site.

I’ve also included a few blank spaces in each category to write in your own items, as you see fit.

If the checklist is helpful for you, or maybe there’s a different blog-related checklist you need, please let me know and I can make more!

You can access the checklist two ways: 1. By joining The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon, which is a way for me to provide exclusive weekly content, or 2. Making a one-time purchase. 

Either way, you’ll get instant access and will be able to download and use the blog post checklist.

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