9 Adult coloring books for National Coloring Book Day!

Happy National Coloring Book Day! A few weeks ago, I was looking up “Bookish holidays” and I saw this and knew I had to find a way to celebrate. I bought a “Golden Girls” coloring book during a time of grief and it’s been such a joy to color its pages.

So, I’m sharing some adult coloring books that look good! If none of these are for you, there’s a TON out there,

Art of Coloring: Golden Girls

I had to put this one since it’s the one I have. I got it at Michael’s and purchased a set of 36 colored pencils along with it.

It has 100 images, which are a mix of character scenes and patterns with items from the show such as palm trees, perfume, makeup, and cheesecake!

There’s even several pages featuring the famous wicker furniture from the living room scenes.

I have been looking up the scenes as I color them to make them accurate with the show — OCD, I know.

The Real Housewives of New York Coloring Book

I know not everyone loves the Housewives’ franchise, but I sure do and New York is one of the best.

It looks like this one covers so many seasons, from Ramona’s runway disaster (the eyes!) to Luann’s “Uncool” scene in Mexico and Tinsely at the circus. Hilarious!

The idea for this coloring book is so funny, and it’s from an Etsy shop, so you can support a small business while also getting a fun coloring book. I hope they create these coloring books for ALL of the cities!

PS. The leg on the cover… ha!

Coffee Animals Coloring Book

I love coffee and I love animals, so I was really happy to see this one!

From the few pages I can see on the inside, each page has coffee AND an animal. There’s one with a sloth and one with a llama.

It looks like the “coffee” portion of the book is to-go coffee cups, which is cute.

The pictures look so cute and not too intricate — sometimes the really detailed ones are more stressful than they are relaxing.

Vogue Colors A to Z

This looks so cool! Here’s the official description:

Twenty-six archival magazine covers from 1912 to 1932, by ten celebrated illustrators living here and abroad, take you back to a more playful and whimsical moment of boas, bows, hats and headpieces, fans, pearls and gloves, and even exotic animals.

Coloring book fans of all ages can try their hand at the Art Deco patterns and letters from A to Z and the lively drawings of women dressed for the task at hand, whether it is driving their own car, pruning morning glories in the garden, feeding a dragon, steering a gondola, sitting on a crescent moon, perched on a peacock or riding a zebra—side-saddle, of course. This is the Vogue woman as liberated, stylish, and always dressed for adventure.

This looks cool just to see all of the different covers!

Lost Ocean Coloring Book

I saw this on a recent Jaclyn Hill video — she’s been doing different videos other than makeup lately — and it looked like such a nice coloring book.

The same artist that made this one also made a garden one and a forest one. They all look good!

These images definitely look more intricate, but what I think is really cool is that you can order a spiral bound version. If you’ve colored before, you know why a spiral bound would be a nice option!

Andy Warhol Coloring Book

I was surprised to see this one, but it’s so cool! I feel like I am less-familiar with Warhol’s work and this would be a neat way to see it. Here’s the scoop:

Mudpuppy’s Andy Warhol Coloring Book features the iconic pop artist’s greatest hits ready to be colored in and customized by young artists. Introduce well-known classics like Andy’s Campbell’s Soup Cans to a new generation in a creative and interactive way with this 32-page coloring book. Each page is perforated to easily tear out and display as a new work of art.

Drinking Animals Coloring Book

The cover of this one was enough to sell me! I cannot pass up a llama, let along a llama drinking a martini.

Each page has a different animal drinking a fun cocktail, and there are even popular cocktail recipes in the book.

I was searching for a cat-related coloring book, and while there were plenty of cat books, I didn’t see any that I loved, so maybe there’s a cat page in this one. This would make a fun gift, too!

The Splat: Coloring the 90s

THIS. This one might be my favorite on the list — I was born in 85 so by the time the 90s hit, I was watching soooo many shows on Nickelodeon!

I couldn’t find any shots of the inside of this book, but it says there are pictures of “Rugrats”, “Hey Arnold!” and “Rocko’s Modern Life”… heck YES.

This looks like it would be so much fun to color… I might just have to treat myself. Did you watch Nickelodeon?

The Ultimate Travel Coloring Book

This is totally a quarantine pick – ha! Here’s the description:

Color the world’s 100 greatest places, as voted by travel experts. There are 100 line drawings for you to color in, and at the back of the book, there are descriptions of each place so you can find out a little more about the most astounding places on earth. This book is guaranteed to exercise your creativity, focus your mind and inspire your inner traveller.

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