Watching: ‘Friends’ season 9.

Yes, I’m still here, watching all of the episodes of “Friends” for the first time. I feel like I slogged through season 9 because I know season 10 is the last one and I don’t want it to end!

I ended season 8 and had to IMMEDIATELY start season 9 because it was a cliff hanger, with Joey not reallllly proposing to Rachel using Ross’ ring.

This confusing leads to even more confusion when Rachel says yes and the rest of the group thinks she’s engaged to Ross.

As the season continues, Chandler oddly relocates to Tulsa for work and Ross and Rachel hire a nanny for Emma… who ends up being played by Freddie Prince Jr., which I have been waiting for given that nostalgia is the only thing getting me through self-isolation.

Rachel is attempting to date, but she realizes she would have to get over Ross in order for any relationship to work. In a hilarious episode, Joey and Chandler find themselves at Richard’s fancy apartment, and they see a tape with Monica’s name on it and steal it. It’s a sex tape, but… not with Monica. Ha!

Eventually, Chandler decides to switch careers and he gets an unpaid internship at an advertising agency. He feels out of place being much older than the other interns.

By episode 17, Ross and Chandler put false information on their alma mater’s website, leaving everyone to believe Ross is dead. Former classmates come by Chandler’s apartment to share their memories of Ross while he listens in the other room.

In possibly my favorite episode of the series, the group goes in on a bunch of lottery tickets. For awhile, Ross is the only one not participating, until he comes up with an idea for the potential winnings.

Toward the end of the season, Rachel develops feelings for Joey. While, across the hall, Chandler and Monica discover they have infertility complications and start looking for a sperm donor.

There’s also a pretty hilarious run-in with Janice… as there always is 🙂

I feel like the seasons get better and better, or I’m just more invested in the characters.

I’ve already started season 10, but we’ll see how long it takes me to get through it since I don’t want it to end!

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