Box 2: Wines that impress.

In May, I joined Winc Wine Club, mostly for quarantine purposes, and well, it looks like I’ll be in self-isolation for the rest of 2020 at this rate. So, I’m going to keep ordering the wine!

Let’s take a look into my second box of wines. While I think it’s cool that Winc recommends wine based on what you like and how you review ones you order, I picked all of these 🙂 I didn’t notice it when I ordered it, but ALL of the picks this month are from California!

2016 Diviner Cabernet Sauvignon | Santa Ynez Valley, California

This one was on MAJOR sale, normally $28 and I got it for $15. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have added it to my box. But, I cannot pass up a good deal.

I am not a big red wine drinker in the summer months, but this was WOW. This was probably one of the top red wines I’ve ever tasted, no joke.

It was juicy for a cab, and very full and rich like a blend. I gave this one a 5/5 rating… very impressive.

2018 Finke’s Sparkling Chardonnay | California

I saw this when I joined and knew I had to try it because I’d never heard of a sparkling chardonnay. I only drink un-oaked chardonnay, but this… this I can do.

The bubbles offset any oak or buttery flavors and it was very drinkable. I know we’re not supposed to judge a wine by its label, but I love this one 🙂 It’s different from champagne — has a little more body and I definitely would recommend this as a pairing for seafood or lite summery dishes.

2019 Zwicker White Blend | Central Coast, California

I’d also never heard of a white blend and after drinking this bottle, I am HERE for it. This wine is actually eco-friendly – cheers!

This one is light, fresh with a very slight sweetness and floral hints. I loved this one and would definitely order it again.

2019 Loves Me Not Rosé | California

I can’t pass up a rose in the summer, and honestly, this was the only one left when I ordered my box!

But, this was absolutely delish and very refreshing. It had strawberry notes — a perfect glass on its own.

Overall I am really loving this service. I think it’s so much fun to pick out the wines I want to try each month and it’s so convenient having them delivered right to my front door, especially in these times.

After sharing that I joined Winc, someone that follows me on social media placed an order, and then complained to me about Winc’s customer service and told me she hadn’t received her wines after ordering them weeks before.

I am not an employee of Winc nor am I a representative of Winc. This blog post is not sponsored by Winc, as NONE of my blog posts are sponsored.

I am trying out these products and services just like anyone else would and I report back on my personal experience. While I know not everyone is going to have the same experience as me, I’ve never had an issue with Winc in any way. Like I said, I’ve enjoyed this service!

After talking a little bit to this person, it sounds like she didn’t understand how the service worked and that she likely never even placed an order. She then tried to add insult to injury and say it was too expensive.

I am not advising anyone to buy products they cannot afford. I usually spend $60-$65 per month on 4 bottles of wine from Winc, which I think is a great deal, but I know everything is relative.

I usually pick the bottles that are $13-$17. Yes, some of the bottles are more expensive, but you don’t have to buy them.

Having said all of that, because I have used Winc for a few months now, they are letting me give away seven free boxes of wine (you’ll have to pay for taxes and shipping). If you’re at all interested in a free box of wine, simply send me your name and email and I’ll do the rest. I get no kickbacks from this — just wanted to give away free wine!

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