Recap: Create & Cultivate Digital Summer Camp!

On Saturday, Create & Cultivate hosted it’s Digital Summer Camp, which featured loads of content to watch and participate in ALL day long. Earlier this year, I was planning to go to Create & Cultivate’s event at SXSW, but that was cancelled due to COVID-19. So, the Digital Summer Camp was sort of my substitute for that.

For the event, there were two types of content participants could watch — live stuff and pre-recorded stuff. The pre-recorded videos are available to watch all week long, so I watched the live workshops on Saturday.

This included:

  • A session of morning yoga with BK Yoga
  • Making an immunity boosting smoothie
  • A floral arrangement workshop
  • A digital workshop on building marketing funnels
  • Several Q+A sessions
  • A mentor power hour
  • A pitch contest (between three female entrepreneurs)
  • A wellness session with Style Ritual
  • A happy hour (learning how to make a s’mores cocktail)
  • The evening keynote with Brad Goreski
  • A dance party with a live DJ

Some of the recorded content that’s available this week includes:

  • A declutter workshop
  • How to customize your leather jacket (with painted designs)
  • A self-love roundtable
  • Talking anxiety and mental health with Stacy London and Erica Domesk
  • How to build your following
  • How to pack a go-bag for your off-grid adventure
  • How to be a good plant parent
  • How to leverage podcasting to build a brand
  • TikTok 101
  • How to build a charcuterie board
  • Planning content and building Instagram workflows
  • How to strategize a product launch

…WOW, I told you it was a lot of content! Am I going to watch all of this? No, but I will watch some of it.

So far, my favorite sessions were the Wellness Workshop and the Anxiety Fireside Chat.

The Wellness Workshop was with Style Rituals, which is a company that “prescribes” crystals depending on what you wish for in life. During the workshop, we learned about several crystals that would be good for anyone, and learned about different ways to clean your crystals and recharge them.

After the workshop, I looked on their website and they do rituals for every new moon and full moon. There is a new moon this weekend, so I signed up to participate in the ritual via Zoom. It is one of my goals to learn more about crystals and associated rituals, so I’m very excited about this!

I particularly enjoyed the discussion with Stacy London, one because I LOVED Stacy and Clinton on “What Not to Wear”! Her and Erica discussed different angles of mental health, and while there wasn’t one thing they said that amazed me, I was thankful this was even a topic.

I have been struggling this year and anytime someone says they are, too, it makes me feel better 🙂

There was also a morning keynote with Daniel Fishel — from “Boy Meets World” — and she talked a lot about how she got into clean beauty products and created a clean hair care line that recently launched. It was really interesting to hear how she balanced this business with also being a mom, and also her work as a director and producer!

Finally, the keynote with Brad Goreski. This was what I was MOST excited about just because he’s so funny and I love watching him on E! before any award shows. He talked a lot about how he got into the industry (his first internship was at Vogue!) and how he transitioned from being Rachel Zoe’s assistant to having his own company. I wish the interview would have been longer!

I still have several videos I want to watch before it goes behind a fresh paywall, but I really just like attending these kinds of things to hopefully inspire me and I think it worked 🙂

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