Predictions & thoughts ahead of the ‘Insecure’ season 4 finale.

I cannot believe we are already at the season 4 finale of “Insecure” — these 10 weeks have FLOWN by. I am not exaggerating when I tell you how much I’ve loved this show from the very first episode.

This season, I tried to savor every episode by watching it right when it aired on Sunday nights, listening to the recap on the “Insecuritea” podcast on Monday and then re-watching the previous episode on Sunday right before the new one aired. I love this show and I’m excited for the finale, but so sad that we have to wait for season 5!

Before episode one this season, I posted five questions I hope would be answered, and well, I thought it would be a great time to revisit them and see where we are at before tonight’s episode:

What is Issa going to do for cash? Over the course of this season, we’ve heard Issa’s plans to host more community events and it seems like she’s on that path. Money still seems to be a bit of an issue (when her card was declined at the store) but she still treated Molly to brunch in the last episode. I am sure we will get a bit of closure on this in the finale.

Will we see Nathan this season? WELL, WELL, WELL. We got to see much more of Nathan than I anticipated and I am here for it. He’s hot, his voice is insanely sexy, and in real life he’s been hitting the streets supporting Black Lives Matter in the biggest way. I also really loved that his character opened up about mental health this season and I’m convinced him and Issa will be together in season five, even if they are friends and not dating.

How often will we see Tiffany and/or her baby? We saw Tiffany more at the beginning of the season, but it’s been a few episodes. I don’t think her time on the show is over, it’s just that the plot focused more on Molly and Issa. I think that if Molly and Issa are able to resolve their friendship, we’ll see more of the group together in season 5.

Who will get more camera time: Daniel or Lawrence? We have not seen Daniel at ALL this season and while I cannot say I missed him, I am wondering if he will make an appearance in the finale. You KNOW how “Insecure” has done us in the past with these season endings… I loved the relationship him and Issa were building in season 3, but I could also understand if we never see him again. We saw Lawrence much more than I expected, but it didn’t seem forced. I think we could be saying goodbye to him tonight as I assume he’ll be packing and moving to San Fran.

Will Molly continue with Dro or will she give Andrew a chance? Obviously this was answered in episode one, and while I thought Dro was hot, Andrew is a freaking CATCH. I have truly loved watching their relationship unfold during this season. He definitely grew as a character and he pushed Molly to grow, too.

Predictions for the season finale. Okay… at the end of last week’s episode, we got a snippet of what’s to come tonight, and it looks like ALOT. I am really thinking we get an appearance from Daniel. I think Andrew and Molly are going to break up, which will force her to face her friendship with Issa. I think Lawrence will move to San Francisco, leaving Issa to “choose” between Nathan and Daniel… which may conclude next season.

What do you think will happen?!

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