An honest review of Scoops by Daily Harvest.

It’s about 110 degrees here in Austin and I’m still trying to find small ways to celebrate the summer months even though the world is on fire. So, when I saw Daily Harvest was delivering ice cream, I ordered all four flavors the second I was able.

I started ordering smoothies from Daily Harvest at the beginning of this year. If you’re interested in reading about that experience, my full review is here.

I don’t get Daily Harvest every week, but I have placed a few orders recently because I had oral surgery last week and have been eating mostly soups, smoothies… and ice cream.

Okay, SO here’s the scoop (pun intended) on Scoops by Daily Harvest:

Just like the smoothies, soups, bowls and flatbreads they offer, these have no fillers or refined sugars… and they are totally plant-based. They are dairy-free and gluten-free.

They come in pints and are $8.99 per pint, which is comparable to most vegan ice creams.

Here are the flavors:

Vanilla + Salted, Swirled Black Sesame

Ingredients: Coconut, maple, black sesame, cacao, ashwagandha, and vanilla.

My thoughts: This is definitely not a vanilla ice cream. The black sesame gives it a very nutty flavor. If you’ve never had plant-based ice cream, it obviously has a little bit of a different texture than dairy ice cream (oat milk ice cream is the closest I’ve ever tried).

Chocolate + Ooey, Gooey Midnight Fudge

Ingredients: Coconut, maple, cacao, avocado, pine pollen and vanilla.

My thoughts: This was the first pint I polished off. I tried all of them the day I got them, but this one was delish. It’s like a chocolate ice cream but has fudge swirls. I’ll be ordering this again.

Strawberry + Rich, Rippled Berry Compote

Ingredients: Coconut, strawberry, dragon fruit, raspberry, vanilla and probiotic.

My thoughts: This one is also delicious. I’m not someone that normally gravitates toward fruity-types of ice cream, but this has such a rich, real-tasting fruit flavor! It’s a strawberry-base and then has the berry compote rippled throughout… This one was my favorite before I tried the fudge 🙂 but I’ll be ordering this one again.

Mint + Dark, Melty Cacao Chips

Ingredients: Coconut, maple, dark chocolate, spirulina, peppermint and vanilla.

My thoughts: The mint on this is NICE and it has dark chocolate chips, which is a nice touch. My only issue with this is that it has a bit of a weird aftertaste? I think a lot of minty flavors have this, so maybe it’s just how it is. It is refreshing though and I think it would taste good in a bowl with the fudge 🙂

So, if I had to rank the flavors, I’d say: Fudge, Strawberry, Mint, and then Vanilla.

This was definitely a treat right now given that I’m still under a shelter-in-place order and have been trying not to leave.

Please know that this review was not sponsored in any way, and if you want to try Daily Harvest for the smoothies or the scoops, I have a code for $25 off your first order (freeeeee ice cream!).

If you’ve tried Scoops or other vegan ice cream that you’ve enjoyed, I’d love to hear about them so I can give them a try!

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