Ideas for adding a theme to your reading list.

About five years ago, I started listening to the podcast “What Should I Read Next?” In each episode, the host Anne Bogel asks the guest to share three books they love and one book they don’t enjoy.

Then, she takes all of this into account as she suggests three books they should read next. Before offering her recommendations, she also asks the guests if there is anything they want to change about their reading life.

Sometimes, they will say they want to read more books written by women or they want to read more true crime novels.

I know right now many people are looking to read more books by black authors or books on anti-racism.

So, I’ve got 37 theme ideas for your reading life on The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon! This took me a long time to compile, but I’m so proud of how it turned out.

Now I have to decide what theme I’ll choose next 🙂

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