10 Blogging myths… busted!

When I tell people I have a blog and that I’m a blogging instructor, they usually say, “Oh, cool!” and then they follow it up with something like… “I tried to start a blog, but it was too difficult” or my favorite, “My list isn’t interesting enough to blog about.”

These are all myths!

Truthfully, hearing stuff like this is what pushed me to create and teach “Blogging for Beginners” in the first place. I wanted to show people that it’s NOT too difficult, it’s NOT too late, and no, you’re life IS interesting enough 🙂

So, on The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon, I’m diving into the 10 most common blogging myths!

The Patreon is a place I can offer exclusive content on blogging (and a little bit about books). Every month, Patrons get exclusive content, a free download and a tutorial. Join today!

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