Downloadable LinkedIn Banners!

Hi there! If you’re a member of The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon, you get free downloadable content every month.

Since we did a LinkedIn tutorial last month, I figured having downloadable LinkedIn banners would be another way we could all spruce up our profiles. I’ll admit, I was still using the stock banner design they had!

Having a custom LinkedIn banner is another tool to help you tell your story — whether that’s your career path, blog promotion, or raising brand awareness. It seems like a small step, because it is, but every little step leads to the destination.

I chose some designs that would work for anyone — graphic, stock-ish desk, nature, texture, etc. — but if you all are looking for something more specific, I can do another round of these for the June download (or for as many months as we need) if you’d like.

Just let me know in the comments.

Head over to The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon to download all five of the designs today!

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