10 Blogs to follow.

Many years ago, I created a course called “Blogging for Beginners” and taught it at Louisiana State University. When I moved to Austin, I started teaching it at the University of Texas at Austin.

It’s been there for four years and I’ve met so many great aspiring (and now) bloggers over that time. A lot of the content I plan on sharing on The Bitter Lemon Patreon is stuff I share in my class, too, or at least, in some form.

The class was made for total beginners — some may not even know what a blog is — and by the end of the class, they’ll be equipped to create and sustain a successful blog.

When someone takes my class or tells me they want to start a blog, one of the first things I always recommend doing is going out and finding blogs you like… and then documenting why you like them.

This could mean taking note of the content, the way the pictures look, the colors, or even just the way it makes you feel when you go to it. If you come across blogs you don’t like, take note of that, too.

All of these are things you can take into consideration when building your own blog, so you create a space that you like to come to, and others will, too.

So, in the first class, I always share the blogs I follow, as a possible starting point for those who may not follow any blogs. Head over to The Bitter Lemon Patreon to see the 10 blogs I follow and all of the reasons why I love them!

Cheers to the weekend!

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