Podcast recommendations, Part XV.

Hey, hey! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some podcast recommendations — I’ll admit I don’t listen to too many new ones since I work from home. If I need background noise, I usually just turn on the TV. Plus, I listen to two daily podcasts that fill up a few hours of my weekdays.

But, I have slowly been discovering some new ones and they sure are good! Here they are:

Johnjay’s Riding the Bench

I listen to Johnjay & Rich every day — RELIGIOUSLY! — and this podcast features Johnjay himself. Here’s the official scoop:

As a dad of 3 athletic boys, Johnjay had no where to turn to when it came to the world of youth basketball. So he’s sharing his journey and interviewing people that have been instrumental in his learning the game of basketball and in his son Kemp’s training. This is the NUMBER ONE sports podcast.

So far, I’ve listened to the entire first season, but have yet to start season two. I’m not a massive sports fan, but it’s still really interesting to hear the different stories from coaches, parents and other basketball players on how they’ve gotten to this point.

The Readheads Book Club

This one is new, but so far I am loving it! Here’s the official description:

Welcome to The Readheads Book Club, your new favorite book club and podcast!

Hosted by The Morning Toast’s Jackie Oshry, and co-hosted by some of her best friends, each month they’ll choose a new book to read, dissect, and chat about here on The Readheads Book Club.

I am a huge fan of “The Morning Toast” and hearing Jackie talk about all of the books she’s been reading, I was thinking she really should make a reading list or something. This is so much better! It gives me ideas for books to read and I like reading a book knowing I’ll be able to hear this group of ladies dissect it at the beginning of the month.


I’ve mentioned before that I was HOOKED on the HBO docuseries “McMillion$” — which wrapped on HBO earlier this week. The podcast is meant to be a companion to the show, as it includes additional interviews and spoilers.

Directors James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte take you even deeper into the story of a fraud ring that rigged the results of the McDonald’s Monopoly game, and how the FBI took it down. Each week, Hernandez and Lazarte recap the episodes and how they made them, reveal untold stories, and talk with some of the series’ main characters.

Caviar Dreams: Tuna Fish Budget

This is another new one from the Toast News Network, featuring Margaret Josephs from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” on Bravo. Here’s the scoop:

Whilst many people think success comes easy, I am not from the lucky sperm club, I have had to work hard and hustle my way to achieve my goals. One thing I did always have was “Caviar Dreams : Tuna Fish Budget” The art of faking it until you make it. Here I share business advice, life advice, relationship advice and entrepreneurial tips and show you how to live out your own Caviar Dreams against all odds.

There’s only two episodes so far, but it’s a new side to Josephs that isn’t on the TV show, and because of her status, I think she’ll be able to get some good guests to interview.

What podcasts are you listening to?

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