A Review: Frank Body Caffeinated Scalp Scrub.

We made it to the weekend, y’all! I was so exhausted this week, I was worried other people were starting to notice… there were moments where I was feeling like I was in the Twilight Zone.. and as soon as I was done with work on Friday, I fell asleep for 90 minutes without meaning to.

But it’s okay, we are here now and all is well. I am excited to share my latest review with you… I’ve used this product four times now, so I feel like I can offer some solid thoughts on it. So, here goes!

I started using a scalp scrub several months ago. I get buildup on my scalp — I’m not sire if it’s dry skin or product, likely both, but it’s irritating, so I bought one brand to begin and I liked it, but I wanted to try others so I could compare and really find the best one that worked for me.

The first scrub I tried was a sea salt scrub, so the grains were pretty large. The one I’m talking about today, Caffeinated Scalp Scrub by Frank Body, is very tiny, like sand. Here’s the official product description:

For the babe who wants healthy hair but hasn’t considered the skin it grows from: start here. Made with natural ingredients like coffee and rosemary, I remove product build up, detoxify your scalp to promote healthier, shinier hair that stays cleaner for longer, too. I think of it as skincare as hair care. So you can  think about dropping it, flipping it and working it all over the place once we’re done.

This was the first product from this brand that I’ve tried. So, the first time I used it, I didn’t look at the directions and I just started parting my hair and applying it before I shampooed and conditioned and thoroughly rinsed.

Well, afterward, I felt like I’d stuck my head into a pile of sand at the beach and lived there for a month. It was embedded in my scalp! When I used it the second time, I really tried to rinse much longer and get in there and massage my scalp with my fingers.

Still wasn’t much of a win. So, finally I read the directions and it said to WET the hair first… umm OK. So I did that and it was a little better. I had the best results when I did it along with my shampoo.

Despite those issues, this stuff smells really good and you don’t need much to really get the job done. It’s easy to apply and it removes build up and leaves my scalp feeling clean. I cannot report whether or not it stimulates hair growth, but I do know it’s packed with natural ingredients that are good for your skin.

Did I love this? Nah. But, I’ll gladly use the rest of it before I try something else. Offering up these reviews is a really good excuse to keep on trying new products — I have loads of new stuff!

I hope you have a fantastic, relaxing weekend!

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