I just got my first photo order from FreePrints!

I saw a fellow blogger post about her FreePrints order and she said it was her new favorite app, so I checked it out. This is not a new app by any means, but I honestly never would have even considered going to look for an app to help me get photos printed!

I have been wanting to get my photos from my phone printed for several reasons:

1. I don’t have any recent pictures in albums or in frames around my apartment.

2. I have more than 1,400 photos on my phone that I want to delete and make room for new ones!

3. I want to use printed photos for scrapbooks and home decor, possibly even as gifts!

How Does the FreePrints App Work?

Basically, you get 80 free prints each month (only if you want them), and you choose the pictures right from your phone. You pay for shipping (and any prints you want over the 80 free ones) and they mail you the prints you picked!

I started by choosing ALL of the pictures of Blanche I had on my phone, which was 125. I figured if they all looked terrible, I’d still treasure them because they featured kitty B. The box arrived at my apartment less than one week after I placed my order.

How Much Does the FreePrints App cost?

I got 80 free prints and then they charged me around $3 for the 45 extra, plus $8 in shipping.

So I paid around $12 for 125 to get shipped directly to me. I looked up the price of photo printing at places like CVS, Wal-mart and Walgreens, and it’s around $.29 per print, which would have cost me $36.25.


The photos look great. I got the 4×6 size, which was the “free” option, but you can choose larger sizes. I also picked a mix of edited and non-edited photos so i could really see how they looked.

Obviously the edited ones look better, but they all look just like they do on my phone. I like knowing I can edit my photos however I want and they’ll turn out looking exactly the same!

On the first of every month, you are allotted 80 free prints, and you can use them however however you want, or not at all. There’s no monthly fee or subscription involved.

While this post is not sponsored in anyway, I did get a link that gives you five free prints a month for the next six months (for 85 free prints) if you want to try it out.

I already ran out and bought a cute album to put all of my Blanche pictures in, and it holds 200, so I have room for more!

The same company has other apps that allow you to have products made using your photos, such as a photo book or a printed tile to hang on the wall. I haven’t ventured into any of those areas yet, but I’m certainly not above it!

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